Tim Olshansky

Founder, Executive, Advisor, Angel Investor


Born and raised in Sydney, I've spent more than a decade in San Francisco as a SaaS start-up founder, engineering leader, angel investor, and advisor. I enjoy building efficient teams and customer-centric solutions. Currently, I'm building a stealth SaaS startup.Previously, I was the Chief Product & Technology Officer at Crunchtime, joining through the acquisition of Zenput, where I held the same role. At Zenput, I helped drive the operational success of major brands like Chipotle and Burger King.Before Zenput, I was the CTO at Aconex, the publicly listed project collaboration platform for construction and engineering, where I joined after my startup Worksite was acquired. Worksite was the first fully cloud-based cost management system for the capital project industry.Earlier, I was part of the founding team of Topguest, a customer analytics firm for major travel companies, which was quickly acquired by Switchfly. I started my career as a derivatives trader at Optiver and I hold degrees in law and physics from the University of Sydney.I talk about engineering, product management, entrepreneurship, and enjoy spending weekends with my family.


I am focused on launching my startup and supporting my angel investments across customer experience, construction tech, fintech and dev tools. I have some capacity to work with folks on any of the following:

  • Coaching senior managers within Product or Eng Management

  • Consulting with teams on their architecture or tech decisions

  • Technical Diligence on potential investments or M&A

  • Strategy on developing new or expanding existing products


Here are interviews and conversations I've had over the last few years.

Podcasts & Interviews




If you're interested in working together, reach out and I'll respond as soon as I'm available.If you're selling me something, you won't hear from me :)